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Adjoined facilities
Infirmary :
Whether for tending work accidents or nursing sickness, Mraguen Residence and base camp has a fully-equipped infirmary of 180 square meters which provides first-aid care.

Gardens :
Far from being a mirage, the gardens of Mraguen Residence and base camp are a sprightly reality. In the heart of the desert, you can stroll in greening gardens surrounded by hundred-year-old palm trees. You may also rest inside quite comfortable cottages.

Car rental :
Concerning transport, Mraguen Residence and base camp provides cross-country vehicles that you may rent for the day or for longer periods.

Parking :
You can also park your car in one of the two secure parking lots which can hold up to 50 cars.

Contact us
Address: Mraguen Residence Po Box 01 311, Adrar, Algeria
Phone : +213(0)
Fax : +213 (0)
Mob. :  +213 (0)560.09.00.23
e-mail: contact@mraguen.com