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Very close to Mraguen Residence and base camp, in the region of Touat, about 1400 km South-West of the capital Algiers, is Adrar, an oasis town also known as the red palm grove. The name “Adrar” means “mountain” in Berber.

Despite extreme living conditions characterized by drought and oppressive heat especially in summer when temperatures rise often higher than 45°C, Adrar relies essentially on agriculture thanks to its hydric potential consisting in underground water which is exploited through the traditional irrigation system known as “foggara”.

Its geostrategic position in connection to Africa enhances the importance of the wilaya of Adrar which had formerly been a crossroad of caravans and which can still offer transit opportunities for exchange and export to the Sahel countries.

Nowadays, the wilaya is renowned for its tourism given the legendary reputation of its population for hospitality. This huge territory of more than 427.000 square meters holds a multitude of historical sites and tourist sights which it invites you to discover. Adrar possesses a large number of rupestral drawings, wonderful caves and hundred-year-old forts called “ksours”. Its handicraft comprises a wide range of activities such as weaving, carpet making, traditional costumes, pottery, brass work, tanning and basket work.

In yesteryears, Adrar was renowned for its spiritual and theological influence which accounts for the numerous places of worship holding hundreds of old manuscripts sought by erudite theologians.

As a town matching its deeply-rooted tradition with growing modernity due to recent discoveries of oil and gas together with nascent industrialization and setting up an oil refinery, Adrar is presently witnessing a remarkable economic growth.

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