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A base camp has to meet standards of functionality, comfort, evolution and respect for the environment. It is absolutely imperative for it to preserve health and safety, especially in a place where living conditions are harder than elsewhere.

In order for it to meet these standards, Mraguen base camp is committed to “HSE” (Hygiene, Safety and Environment) certification in addition to being in the process of obtaining “HACCP” (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) catering certification. 

Concerning security, Mraguen Residence and base camp uses the services of an approved security company which relies on video surveillance, armed guards and geolocation, providing efficient and deterring surveillance 24/7 and thus ensuring total security.

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Address: Mraguen Residence Po Box 01 311, Adrar, Algeria
Phone : +213(0)
Fax : +213 (0)
Mob. :  +213 (0)560.09.00.23
e-mail: contact@mraguen.com